When I was a kid, I used to build toy houses with broken and discarded pieces of clay bricks. Most of that curiosity for building things got robbed of by today's mechanistic, compartmentalized and grade-oriented education system. Things started to change when I got into an engineering school in my late teens. In engineering school, I co-founded Engineers Without Borders University Chapter, formed a team of 15+ engineers from multiple disciplines and built a prototype of double LED solar lantern. With the same team of engineers, I led the successful development of a low-cost water filtration system for slum communities in Bhopal. I learned applying technical skills to the betterment of communities we live with.

I spent the next ten years building policy and institutional frameworks for addressing Climate Change – the defining challenge of our time. This was when I also started Climate Launchpad in Russia under the banner of Hornfels Group, a technology investment advisory that I co-founded first in Moscow and later moved to Asia. If you do not know already, Climate Launchpad is the world's largest green business ideas competition – supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Since mid-2019, I started building Thymbell, a data-driven e-commerce suite and measuring solution for original custom apparel manufacturers. At Thymbell, I am grateful to have worked with some of the best minds in AI, computer vision and machine learning.

There are abundant problems, and they need creative solutions. Please get in touch if you are a builder yourself, or love investing in passionate builders. Entrepreneur is who I am, and I am always open to collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs.